Sex is the most beautiful thing in the world. But talking about it without straying into lasciviousness or becoming inhibited remains tricky. Sprache:Sex places its trust in the power of free expression, the art of conversation, the miracle of the encounter.

Sixteen people aged between 13 and 74 prove themselves to be practitioners of these disciplines. It is a matter of insecurities and desires, of preferences and turn offs, of varieties of love and life.

A representative cross-section of society? Surely not! Statistically useful results? Even less so! A fanatical handing out of advice? Not a bit of it! Instead, it is a bold experimental set-up. Sober and playful. A documentary dance whose whole is more than the sum of its parts. Who should care? Actually, everybody.

Director‘s Statement

Based on our own experiences, we have, over years, been exploring new ways to examine, broaden and scrutinize the topics of love, and sex. The questions we raise are often painful, because they touch the individuals where they are vulnerable. To really open up to someone makes us feel exposed, fuels fear of loss and threatens our autarchy. To seal oneself off, however, and claim a status of satisfaction that is potentially only a reflection of one’s own desires, is self-limiting.

Today, the options that are available to us individuals wanting to mate are manifold. How do we deal with this new freedom?

One can abstractly discuss almost anything. However, what happens when the questions are more concrete? There seems to be a lot of insecurity about what love really is, and how one should deal with their sexuality. Despite love being given the highest regard of all, and sexuality being omnipresent – actually speaking about love and sex continues to be strongly tabooed.

We will only find answers if, once the surface layers have been comprehensively mapped, an open discourse about the qualitative dimensions of sexuality follows. If we exactly examine how much love is possible. This is why we want to get others as well as ourselves talking. We want to talk about what is hidden behind any given category, preference or tendency. We want to explore coherences between a person’s feelings, their personal circumstances, and the conditions imposed by society.

SEX:SPEAK is the first part of a series of films about our reality as filmmakers and as lovers.

Saskia Walker & Ralf Hechelmann


Directed by Saskia Walker, Ralf Hechelmann
Produced by Sprechfilm
Cinematography by Andreas Haas
Film Editing by Laia Prat
Music by Michael Gross
Sound Editing by Christian Conrad
Color Correction by Andreas Schellenberg



09.09. - 23.09.  Berlin / Moviemento
10.09. - 30.09.  Berlin / Central
15.09. - 19.09.  Hamburg / B-Movie
17.09. - 17.09.  Hamburg / Lichtmess
10.09. - 16.09.  Kiel / Kommunales Kino in der Pumpe
10.09. - 16.09.  Köln / Filmpalette
24.09. - 25.09.  Neubrandenburg / Kino Latücht
10.09. - 16.09.  Regensburg / Kino im Andreasstadel
10.09. - 16.09.  Saarbrücken / Filmhaus
03.12. - 03.12.  Wiesbaden / Caligari Filmbühne
24.09. - 30.09.  Wiesbaden / Murnau Filmtheater
01.10. - 14.10.  Görlitz / Offkino Klappe die Zweite
09.10. - 15.10.  Wien / Filmcasino
09.10. - 11.10.  Linz / Moviemento
09.10. - 14.10.  Wels / Programmkino Wels
09.10. - 14.10.  Innsbruck / Leokino
Termine offen  Frankfurt am Main / Orfeos Erben


The entertaining interviewfilm SEX:SPEAK asks Berliners from 12 to 75 questions about love, faith, attractiveness and sex and explains with the means of an intelligent cross cutting that the truth is between the words and the images.

tip Berlin, 03/2015

Short, funny, engaging and human. Sprache:Sex is a small film with a big heart.

The Focus Pull Film Journal

Smart, entertaining and inspiring.




Saskia Walker
Choriner Strasse 63
10435 Berlin

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